Referenzen 2006

  • A. Deja: KARL STORZ: Women's Health Initiative in India. Public-Private Partnership Hopes to Prompt Global Replication, UN Global Compact Quarterly
    Vol 2006, Issue 1 
    Dokument zum Download: KARL STORZ: Women's Health Initiative in India

  • A Global Partnership for Poverty Eradication – Prospects and Potentials UNU Policy Brief 2006, co-authored by Martina Timmermann, Helena Sterwe and Prakhar Sharma.

    This policy brief is an outcome of the sixth annual EU–UNU Tokyo Global Forum, “Doing More, Better and Faster: A Global Partnership for Eradicating Poverty”, held at United Nations University on 31 March 2006.
    Recognizing the insights and suggestions of the expert participants, this brief outlines the most salient features of EU and Japanese policies for establishing a global partnership for poverty eradication within the framework of the UN Millennium Development Goals. While stressing the significance of efficient and results-oriented aid, multilateralism, and the interplay between democracy, development and human rights, the brief elaborates further potentials for collaboration in development policies between the EU and Japan.
    Dokument zum Download: Policy Brief Eradicating Poverty 2006