Dr. Achim Georg Deja

Dr Achim Georg Deja, Founding President and CEO of TIMA GmbH (Transition and Integration Management Agency) received his doctoral degree of engineering at the Technical University (RWTH) Aachen, complemented by a Master of Business Administration at the Prince of Wales University, UK.

Dr Deja made his first experiences in Asia as a lecturer at the Tokyo Kogio Daigaku, Institute of Technology, and the Nihon Kokan KK, Technical Research Center, in Kawasaki, Japan. Upon his return to Germany in 1976, he started his business career at the HQ of MANNESMANN AG and finally served as Director General of MRW - Kammerich Precision.  In 1987, Dr Deja was appointed AESCULAP AG Board Member for Worldwide Manufacturing and Chairman of the Supervisory Board for affiliated companies in Europe and Asia. In 1994, Dr Deja was conferred the honorary title of Dato' D.S.P.N. Malaysia for his outstanding services to the state of Penang.

From 1995 to 1996, as Board Member responsible for Worldwide Manufacturing, R&D and Procurement at WERU AG, he managed the company through a friendly M&A transition.

In 1996, Dr Deja founded TIMA GmbH. After over 20 years, he has established TIMA as a Vanguard Strategy Development Agency that delivers structural and strategic solutions in anticipation of paradigm changes in markets and societies. 

2012-14/2014-16, he served as Member of Malaysia’s International Advisory Panel on Biotechnology (BIO-AP).

Dr Deja is currently advising a group of 60+ ICT companies on 4.0 suitable partnership structures and strategies for real time value creation through digital partnership networks. 


Dr. Achim Georg Deja, born in Koblenz, 1948; Abitur in Bochum;

Diploma and Doctoral degree at the Technical University (RWTH) Aachen, Faculty of Mining and Metallurgical engineering. Master of Business Administration, Prince of Wales University, UK. International Business Management, Sem. Prof. Bleicher, University St. Gallen, CH. Lecturer at Tokyo Kogio Daigaku, Imperial University, Chiba University, Nihon Kokan KK, Technical Research Center Kawasaki, Japan. Scholarship recipient of the Heinrich Hertz Foundation. Publications and patents.

Executive Director at the MANNESMANN AG (Ltg. Werke), Board Member at AES-CULAP AG and WERU AG, Chairman of the Board in international affiliated companies (Spain, UK, Poland, Hungary, Malaysia); Director General for KARL STORZ Gmbh & Co.KG.

Since 1996, Dr Deja has been President (CEO) of TIMA GmbH, a company for Business Transition and Integration Management. TIMA is Change Management partner in national and international projects for Business Development, globalising integrated Value Chains and UN Global Compact Transitions (CSR / ESG) for industry.

Project experience in infrastructural services in healthcare industry, pharmaceutical industry, automotive industry, mining and steel industry, chemical industry, UN Global Compact business management, sustainability business modelling, financial outperformance and process leadership management.

Membership and Awards

Member of various national and foreign supervisory and advisory boards, federation committees and specialized associations (ISIJ, VDEH, VDI, Wirtschaftsrat Deutschland, BCCG, AGBC, NGO/International Lions)

Dr Deja represents TIMA in International Initiatives – UN Global Compact, N.Y.; GC Learning Forum; Business Guide to Partnering with NGO’s and the UN; UNGC Caring for Climate: The Business Leadership Platform; 3 C - Combat Climate Change - Business Leaders Initiative, European Business and Ethics Net, DNGC, DNWE.

In 1994, Dr. Deja was awarded the honorary title of “Dato D.S.P.N. Malaysia“.

He is President of the German-Malaysian Association, and  he has been personal Member of the Asia-Pacific Business Association (OAV), Germany.

Dr. Achim Georg Deja