TIMA sponsors DtMG-biotech meeting at the Malaysian Embassy in Berlin

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On 23 May, TIMA as Sponsor of the DtMG-platform for fostering intercultural understanding between Malaysia and Germany /EU in all wakes of life,...

“Energiewende gestalten” IHK Köln

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TIMA CEO Achim Deja at “Jenaer Allianz” event “Energiewende gestalten” at the Chamber of Industry and Commerce in Cologne

BCCG Annual General Meeting 2014 and Conference in Hamburg

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TIMA VP for International Affairs, Martina Timmermann, at BCCG Annual General Meeting 2014 and Conference in Hamburg, "UK – Invisible Trade and...

Aussenminister Frank-Walter Steinmeier lädt zum Winterkonzert im Auswärtigen Amt

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On 12 February, Dr Achim Deja and Dr Martina Timmermann were invited by Foreign Minister Steinmeier to the meanwhile traditional Winter Concert at the...

BCCG New Year’s Conference and Reception at the Commerzbank and the British Embassy

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On 23 January, TIMA as a sustaining member of the BCCG participated in the annual BCCG conference at the Commerzbank and the following reception at...

TIMA VP Martina Timmermann speaking at the EU reform conference in London

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15 – 17 January 2014, Fresh Start Europe, a constructive EU-critical parliamentarian initiative of the Tories under the leadership of MP Andrea...