IAP of Bio – Economy of Malaysia and BioMalaysia 2014

17-20 November 2014. Dato’ Dr Achim Deja, TIMA President, participated in the launching ceremony of the fair BioMalaysia in Kuala Lumpur and in the Meeting of the International Advisory Panel (IAP) on biotechnology chaired by the honorable Prime Minister of Malaysia.

Bild: IAP Panel

During the past two years of his participation as international advisor of the IAP, Dr Deja contributed to fostering the Malaysian bio-economy through initiating numerous public-private and private-private partnerships between Germany and Malaysia. During such course, TIMA has been striving to support Prime Minister Najib as mediating leader in and between our two increasingly connected regions of the world. TIMA has aimed to strengthen the development of the upcoming Asian Economic Community, with Malaysia as Chairman 2015, and the ASEAN Plus connectivity. TIMA supports continuous economic growth through Malaysia’s next five year plan RMK–11 which aims at the development of an architecture of infrastructure for energy, mobility and life science for the benefit of all in the future welfare society of Malaysia 2020. TIMA feels honored that Dato’ Dr Deja was requested to further serve as member of the International Advisory Panel of Biotechnology of Malaysia in the upcoming years. With continuous commitment we will strive to build creative pathways for shared entrepreneurial responsibility via the development of efficient partnership models and strategies for commercializing red, green and white bio-economy, fostering its industrial manufacturing, services and trade environment, and in consideration of the primacy of politics in Malaysia.

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