TIMA at Meeting of the Minds 2015 conference in Richmond, California

Invited by Gordon Feller, Co-founder / Convenor of Meeting of the Minds and Director at CISCO Systems headquarters in Silicon Valley, TIMA VP Dr Martina Timmermann was privileged to participate in a highly stimulating conference in Berkeley and Richmond, California.

TIMA VP Dr Martina Timmermann

With 400+ delegates from 20 countries the conference on many topics related to smart city development offered rich food for thought. From a German perspective, especially, many solutions and suggestions were inspiring on how to meet the challenges in Germany, and North Rhine-Westphalia in particular. Striving to advance to a leading position in the competition among the federal states in Germany towards a high tech sustainable future, industrial NRW is in the midst of a(nother) fundamental process of change. Such challenging process is currently exacerbated by the need to integrate masses of immigrants and refugees who arrive by the thousands, day by day. There is an imminent urgency to find and implement the right strategies for a sustainable and peaceful future – now and quickly.

The conference program thus offered perfect food for thought and a high-caliber exchange on the complex set of issues related to smart city and smart regional development.

Moreover, Dr Timmermann made her first experience with the brand new hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicle from Toyota: The “Mirai” (Future). By the end of 2015, California will have built a public hydrogen refueling station network of 20 new stations - with 20 more to come by the end of 2016. The initial targeting area is San Francisco Bay and Southern California. Another example of reference and inspiration for NRW, Germany and Europe.

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