Our Vision

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TIMA-EDEN Initiative for Europe

We safeguard our clients’ commercial freedom and future success in the global digital market by developing intelligent, efficient and sustainable networked solutions based on the democratic principles of a free, sustainable and humane social market economy.


Our Mission

We provide our clients with independent, tailor-made state-of-the-art digital platform solutions. Our international cluster and ecosystem of autonomous service providers ensures the security and commercial freedom of our clients whilst bringing levels of performance to small and medium sized enterprises otherwise only available to multinational corporations.


TIMA GmbH stands for digital dynamics and human excellence

  • TIMA, in combination with associated eco-systems is a real-digital ,Future Shaper 'for your company on the way to the decentralized real-time economy with attractive technological, financial and strategic USPs of the multi-cloud platform EDASCA S.E. and in autonomous corporate cloud network infrastructures of the Internet of Things ...
  • We accompany the unique internal real-digital evolution of your infrastructures and workforce professionally into the legally-compliant transparency of human-controlled value creation with UNGC sustainability principles and measurable COP contributions to the Global Ethic Code of Conduct in real time in all areas of human safety, human security and human digital twin rights ...
  • In the transparently measurable accompanying transformation process, we bring you and each participant into an eco-system of values and value-creation and help you in the development of your individual real and virtual profiles within this discrete network of ‚Hidden Champions‘…
  • With your integrative network capabilities, flexibly design value creation in qualitative and quantitative scaling in digital real time with trust, confidence and collaboration...
  • Responsible Pricing - to monetize the value-creation potential of cloud networking in a manner that is competitive whilst retaining integrity and humanity and as a value-creation companion to enable the fulfilment of your future wishes to be real-digital network champion…
  • In local subsidiarity through reliable legally-secure, autonomous cloud networks, reinforcing individuality and the personal development and human rights of each individual in contributing peacefully to the free democratic separation of powers in every social pyramid via their individual real-digital twin ...
  • TIMA is professional support - to autonomously redesign digital transformation, integration, monetization and anticipation within and outside a company without complexity factors of the workforce

About TIMA:

Autonomous partners in shared cloud network services Our profile

Founded in 1996 in Tuttlingen on the upper Danube, TIMA GmbH has developed into a highly qualified service provider partnership for cluster structures, eco-systems and multi-cloud platform and network structures in order to combine individual wishes and common-good wishes in a liberal, entrepreneurial, economic, sustainable and legal manner. With our collective entrepreneurial experience of more than 5 decades of international know-how, we accompany your company holistically in real - digital NEW thinking in your business designs with your customers in order to revitalize demand requests agilely and to revolutionize them through reduced complexity.

In order to fulfill your customer requirements more flexibly and to be able to scale in terms of quality, diversity and differentiation throughout Europe, the human-controlled structures of the autonomous and transparent TIMA EDEN Cloud networks are an attractive entrepreneurial architecture for your innovations. Our T.I.M.A. approaches comply legally with all UNGC sustainability standards and the Code of Conduct of the G7 Digitalisation Charter, and you and your employees gain the digital market confidence for customer loyalty with the transparent individual values of the European image of mankind in real time.

Our target group as Future Shapers are all entrepreneurs and their employees

Sectorally, all company sizes that connect in real digital networks efficiently and innovatively connect their local markets and customer relationships and use their data lakes to maintain human rights for digital twins. Entrepreneurs from trade sectors, retail and the mid-sized and service sectors, combine in new local communication points of the sector ecosystem with autonomous partners from all areas, who want to co-design attractive real-digital value-creation initiatives through cloud solutions.

Our conviction - Efficient human leadership through process leadership

In the context of globalization and the human-driven formation of regions, it is increasingly important for economic success and international competitiveness to make processes cross-sectorally dynamic between sectors in order to steer them humanely via sustainable excellence in human-machine value chains in such a way that existing asymmetries become can be transparently compensated for.
The composition of the aggregate output of regions (national income) from the gross value contributed by individual sectors is geared to adapting existing structures evolutionarily to changing conditions in order to generate more wealth locally, through EDEN as a human-driven real-digital tool for the platform and cloud network designs in partnerships.

Only those who holistically stimulate this real-digital process and develop it as a cumulative experience curve to its individual man-machine capabilities measurably transparent in real-time to desired value-added probabilities (fintech / AI-20GB / s) with the real-time efficiency probabilities (M2M / AI20GB / s ), adapts its capabilities evolutionarily but also highly flexibly, and controls even the RobotAdvisor in a human-controlled, transparent manner in sequences that are accessed via Blockchain / AI et.al. and also channel the financial markets in a highly efficient automated manner, with the lowest costs and the lowest return times and lowest risks.
In order to counter economic risks, this can be done multilaterally in an EDEN regionalization strategy and prevent global risk development. If multilateral relations are politically unilaterally impeded, the opposite can be specifically achieved.
For example, despite the G20 decisions and the license to operate in the 17 SDGs of the UN since 2016, there is no longer the expected global sectoral structural progress in order to increase local prosperity and offset the risks of population growth and climate change. In addition, the gap in the necessary infrastructure investments at the expense of the SDGs will also increase.

European decentralized dynamics and excellence in real-digital organic and inorganic value-creation worlds, technologies and AI processes

By contrast, autonomous entrepreneurial cloud networks in TIMA EDEN, according to Tima 2016-19 studies, alone could generate 10 million new autonomously networked family-owned companies in Eastern Europe, whose infrastructure contributes to the local communication, transport, energy, water and energy supply as well as contributing to local prosperity, such as creating value for better living and living, decentralized work for wealth and wealth, preventative life science in the healthcare industry.

Nationwide Autonomous Mobility, Europe-wide Human Safety and Security, European Sustainable 3D Textile Culture, Local Tourism and European Lifelong Learning in European Human Image for qualitative and quantitative growth in real digital structures, as well as European-wide human rights for every citizen as part of the Digital Twins.

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