Real and digital design lives the spirit of congenial humanity in scaling with leading technologies.

Your future in the international local division of labour

Our Vision:

We safeguard our clients’ commercial freedom and future success in the global digital market by developing intelligent, efficient and sustainable networked solutions based on the democratic principles of a free, sustainable and humane social market economy.

Our Mission:

We provide our clients with independent, tailor-made state-of-the-art digital platform solutions. Our international cluster and ecosystem of autonomous service providers ensures the security and commercial freedom of our clients whilst bringing levels of performance to small and medium sized enterprises otherwise only available to multinational corporations.

Our European identity: Civis Europaeus Sum Initiative

We develop and strengthen the real digital protection for the local decentralized European cooperation of big and small companies. Between autonomously networked entrepreneurial Union citizens with their individual human rights in the legally compliant EUGH status of a "Civis Europheus Sum", a sustainable entrepreneurial digital and real social market economy is also being created in cyberspace. Europe's citizens, as free-lance democratic individual sovereigns of the primacy of the policy of leadership in partnership, are giving a humane shaping beyond Europe.

Our values in the transformation and construction of the EDEN networks:

We shape our network EDEN with our clients for their worldwide network of relationships with respect to the traditional ethics of individual human rights of the European human image and global integrity of the 10 UNGC principles for digitally networked local forms of cooperation with the "Public License to operate".

In our decentralized EDEN structures, autonomously networked entrepreneurs deliver and share local diversity and distinction. Networked with public scientific and educational institutions, as well as fiscal policy and financial intermediary institutions, innovations that can be used efficiently are created using state-of-the-art performance and market technologies - sector value-added outcomes that enable the „Capital Shift of Hope“ of globalization to have more effective, „individual human safety and security“ solutions in inclusive social development – a liberal digital social market economy with individual benefits for all

For every local pyramid in globalization, locally networked aspirations allied with capabilities are empowered with unlimited local innovation potential and unlimited local alliances through the EDEN concept via hybrid / multi-cloud infrastructures.

The capitalization of EDEN decentralization will become a regional basis for sustainable liberal development in the democratic separation of powers, prosperity, wealth and education for all

Through digital performance design, creation and exploitation within the framework of an ecological and humane social market economy, EDEN's own network enhances the value of autonomous big data lakes and their social stockholder participation.

TIMA-EDEN - Introduction

  • The TIMA digital network platform is used by your own employees with low risk entrepreneurial autonomous operation and can multiply further transparent cloud networks with any location and partner at any time ...
  • The increasing EDEN network value due to the cumulative competitive advantage for all forms of added value, is distributed among all entrepreneurial network partners according to established rules and proportions and can increase to the participation in social security and the regular allocation of technological resources...
  • As part of the real-digital network Code of Conduct and the EDEN principles and ethos values, real-time legal security gives each entrepreneur unique selling propositions along the entire value-added chain ...
  • The increased real-time transmutability for customer requirements in real-digital agile solutions are in each autonomous individual company in EDEN internally and externally unlimited unique selling points and success factors which increase the value of their own added value and thus the enterprise value. Capacitive sharing in EDEN network with qualitatively unlimited scaling is realized in the freenet hub ...

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