BCCG New Year’s Conference and Reception at the Commerzbank and the British Embassy

Photo by Jürgen Sendel/PictureBlind

On 23 January, TIMA as a sustaining member of the BCCG participated in the annual BCCG conference at the Commerzbank and the following reception at the British Embassy in Berlin.

Once again, the organizers managed to set up a thought provoking panel with the British Ambassador, Simon McDonald CMG, Lord Owen, former UK Foreign Secretary, Jim O’Neill, former Chairman GOLDMAN SACHS ASSET MANAGEMENT, and Prof. David Marsh CBE, Co-Chairman, Official Monetary and Financial Institutions Forum.

(Photo, from left: President of BCCG, Norbert Strohschen; former UK Foreign Secretary, Lord Owen; former Chairman GOLDMAN SACHS ASSET MANAGEMENT and current Visiting Research Fellow BRUEGEL, Jim O`Neill; Ambassador McDonald CMG, Dr. Inga Michler (WELT), Chairman OMFIF, Prof David Marsh CBE; Managing Partner Lifesciences GSA, Ernst & Young, Gerd Stürz.)

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